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US Patent Issued to BEG on Feb. 1 for "Integrated Process for Waste Treatment by Pyrolysis and Related Plant" (Italian Inventors)

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Area Riservata

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Photo gallery

Building Yard Machinery
Concrete Machine
Crushing Machine

  Levelling System
  Optical Fibers
  Hydraulic Model
  Seismic Tests
  Meteorological Station

Community works
  Opening a new road in Krahes
  Safety upgrade on Kalivac's road
  Buliding a new road beneath the dam
  New well and aqueduct for Kalivac
  Building a bridge

  Work in progress, left bank
  Work in progress, right bank
  Aerial photos

Other works
  Hydraulic works on the Fiora river
  Draining and reconstructing the defences on the banks of the Farfa oasis
  Hydraulic works on the riverbed and the banks of the Fibreno river
  Building the defences on the banks of the Tevere river
  Section of waste pre-processing and pit of waste storage
  Conveyer belts for the pyrolisis cylinders supply
  External view of the pyrolisis cylinders
  Internal view of the pyrolisis cylinders
  Hopper for the pyrolisis cylinders supply
  Heating system for the pyrolisis cylinders
  Holding systems for the pyrolisis gas and cylinder rotation mechanism
  Conveyer belts for the produce coal and iron recovery systems
  Coal produced by the pyrolisis process